Alchemist’s Mountain planning has begun.

Hi everyone!

Back in 2018 we happened to win the Metroidvania Jam 2 with a little game called Alchemist Mountain. It’s been awhile since we touched Alchemist Mountain. And it has been getting quite a few views and downloads. As you would know, we’ve been busy getting ready Little Lost Robots as a full game.

But now that project is complete and ready to ship (April 4th release date on and Steam), me and my slowly growing team, can turn our attention to more projects.

Alchemist Mountain was an obvious choice to move forward with. It’s energy mechanic holds a lot of promise and the world building does too. (We have another super secret thou shalt not know project on the boilerplate too).

Better resolutions!

I intend for Alchemist Mountain to be built in quite a public fashion and will be its main stage through its development. What does that mean? It means lots of mini games mainly. I hope that will help me get lots of player feedback on the movement and feel of the game.

Try out the current jam version on And tell us what you’d like improved upon. Follow us there to get updates on the latest developments.

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