Evil Art Bunny Studios is a small game development company started in 2018 by C.W.Vong. We started as a half man team but have grown into a several half-men team

Unashamedly dreaming of one day churning out games in the AAA category.

Bringing that sweet feeling we had as a kid stepping into a video game world to today’s generations.

Our current strategy in developing games is to throw everything against a wall and see what sticks! Or in more understandable terms – have intense periods where we enter several game jams in a row and observe which ideas have the best traction.

On this note we have done surprisingly well! 3 of 4 of our game jam games received top positions. One of those games, Little Lost Robots, has now been developed into a full game. And the other Alchemist Mountain is being considered for full development. Check them out on our Game Page or go over to our Itch.io page to try them out.

Little Lost Robots was released April 4th 2019
Alchemist’s Mountain is now in Early Development!

Visit this site often for blog updates for our pieces on game design and development logs!

We know we have to start small, but we have big big dreams. Follow our journey on Twitter and Discord.

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