Alchemist’s Mountain Development Log

The game is coming along fine. Got a little nettled at making a house for her. I’ve never made such a large sprite or one with so many elements. But I have the foundations down which is fantastic. The rest is just detail and detail is fine. Also worked on the camera view. Someone askedContinue reading “Alchemist’s Mountain Development Log”

Alchemist’s Mountain planning has begun.

Hi everyone! Back in 2018 we happened to win the Metroidvania Jam 2 with a little game called Alchemist Mountain. It’s been awhile since we touched Alchemist Mountain. And it has been getting quite a few views and downloads. As you would know, we’ve been busy getting ready Little Lost RobotsĀ as a full game. ButContinue reading “Alchemist’s Mountain planning has begun.”