Commercial Games

Little Lost Robots

A challenging puzzler

Little Lost Robots is a Zachtronic-like puzzle game. Help the little robots get home by giving them a sequence of commands, press play, then pray nothing crashes.

Little Lost Robots was born in the BTP Game Jam #1, where it was one of the winning entries.

It is our first commercial game and is available on Steam,, and Kartridge!

In Development Games

Alchemist’s Mountain

First prize for Metroidvania Jam 2. Alchemist’s Mountain is now being developed into a full game. Enjoy the jam version and watch our for future versions in the near future.

Read our blogposts here or devlogs on for updates!

Game Jam Games

KuroShiro Delivery Service

Entry for Extra Credits Game Jam. We got no special mentions for this game but it was a fun concept for an asymmetric game (one player uses the keyboard, the other the mouse).

Test your communication skills and relationship by playing it with a friend or have a mental workout in multi-tasking by playing it single player. Play it here on

Circle Serpent

Created for the first ever game jam we participated in. And also the first game we ever completed and published. Circle Serpent was placed 2nd for Jim Jam #2

While small, we will always remember it as the game that started it all. It’s a nice zen like experience. Enjoy it here on

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